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Travel assistant service

Do you plan a trip to abroad but don't know anyone there? I can help you find best suitable journey, public transport including ticket prices and fares, shortest or fastest routes, accommodation belong your needs.

I can arrange a holiday trip or business journey including flight, train, bus, boat or carpool and local transport taxi or hire services.

I am absolvent of University of Business in Prague - field of Tourism, Bachelor degree.

My specialisation is in Prague and Czech republic (Czechia) area. But I am able to prepare the trip to United kingdom or other countries for you also.

Don't hesitate to contact me to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +420 721 347 531

Naplánuji Vaši dovolenou v zahraničí

Chcete jet na dovolenou do cizí země, ale nevíte co je vše potřeba zařídit? Mohu vám pobyt zorganizovat podle vašich představ. Navrhnu různé varianty, znám možnosti jak výrazně ušetřit na cestovném, ubytování a dalších službách. Jsem absolvent VŠO v Praze, obrou cestovní ruch, mám praxi z hotelnictví 3 roky.


I do athletics from the end of basic school when my schoolmates made me to have a look on their training lesson at varnsdorfian athletic club of TJ Slovan. Since then I am devoted to this sport until now.

By my job in Theatrino Hotel and distance - combined studies at University of Business (Tourism) in Prague I couldn't train regularly. Work and study duties didn't allow me to race. I came back to athletics in 2010 and focused to middle and long distances - from 3, 5 and 10 km to halfmarathon. 

My personal best at 5 km track is 16:48 from RunTour Pilsen 2015. 10 km I run at Pecky 10k race 2014 in fastest time 36:03. In 2015 I gave road hilly ten kilo race Bechovice-Praha at 36:45. Next, I absolved my very first marathon, the result was over 4 hours and it was not pleasant because I didn't run this distance even in training.

For beginners and lower intermediateI offer individual and group consultations: analyze of actual training with measured values by sporttesters or data from training diary. We will evaluate possibilities of development the efficiency for a specific length of the track and will focus the preparation towards achieving desired results for selected races.

The service is also determining the proper diet, drinking regime and the use of supplements aimed at pre- and post-race reception of electrolytes and minerals necessary for effective training process with respect to the regenerative capacity of the body, gender, and age of trained runner.

I offer training leading, tutoring and teaching online by email, facebook chat, Skype or over the phone.

Prices: from 100 CZK (5 USD) per hour in group lessons and 400 CZK (20 USD) / hour at individual lessons.

Contact: HERE

RunTour Pilsen 2015: