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V roce 2018 jsem┬áse vypravil na dal┼í├ş cestu, kde jsem se v─Ťnoval osv─Ťt─Ť v bezpe─Źnosti a ochran─Ť ┼żivota a zdrav├ş i prvn├ş pomoci. Nav├ízal jsem spolupr├íci s Asociac├ş Z├íchrann├Ż kruh, kter├í mi poskytla p┼Ö├şstup k jejich osv─Ťtov├Żm materi├íl┼»m i let├íky. Podpo┼Öila m─Ť Zdravotn├ş poji┼í┼ąovna MV ─îR.┬áTrasa┬ávedla z ─îeska (Varnsdorfu) p┼Öes N─Ťmecko, Lucembursko, ─Ź├íst Belgie a Francii do ┼ápan─Ťlska.┬á

Do you plan a trip to abroad but don't know anyone there? I can help you find best suitable journey, public transport including ticket prices and fares, shortest or fastest routes, accommodation belong your needs.

I can arrange a holiday trip or business journey including flight, train, bus, boat or carpool and local transport taxi or hire services.

I do athletics from the end of basic school when my schoolmates made me to have a look on their training lesson at varnsdorfian athletic club of TJ Slovan. Since then I am devoted to this sport until now.

Hello, would you like to learn english or czech language in group or individually?

I have tought english language to one basic school pupil in Prague. We were focused on repeating and explaining the subject matter discussed in school. Next I have been teaching czech language to one student over social network. It was based on conversation bilingually - english/czech. The same way I used at voluntary stay in England, where farmer lady learned czech too. I have an experience with teaching other subjects for school preparation of students, e.g. tourism basics to one high school student. I lead few lessons with young athletes too.