Hello, would you like to learn english or czech language in group or individually?

I have tought english language to one basic school pupil in Prague. We were focused on repeating and explaining the subject matter discussed in school. Next I have been teaching czech language to one student over social network. It was based on conversation bilingually - english/czech. The same way I used at voluntary stay in England, where farmer lady learned czech too. I have an experience with teaching other subjects for school preparation of students, e.g. tourism basics to one high school student. I lead few lessons with young athletes too.

I am sportsman - long distance runner. I have an experience with the leading of international voluntary camps in Czech. We helped to reconstruct old school to environmental centre, next project was focused to help the elderly, at the last camp we took a part in the care of village public places - green and grass care, preparation of international music and dance festival. I am operating a small shop with clothes, I worked in hotels in Prague as porter, later assistant of general manager and reception.

I offer group teaching of English or Czech.


in small group of 5 students: 100 CZK per hour

in big group of 10 students: 50 CZK per hour

individual lesson: 200 CZK per hour