I am solving availability of emergency medical service for Varnsdorf with 15 thousand inhabitants already 18 years. But political endeavour is way more longer. This year the topic has been opened again.
The Varnsdorf City Council on May 28th unanimously entrusted the mayor with requests to the Ústí nad Labem Region for requirements for facilities for the ambulance crew in Varnsdorf.

Resume in article at iDnes from 2015:
A total of 801 signatures were on the petition requesting the establishment of an emergency service station in Varnsdorf. The leadership of the Ústí nad Labem Region refused, according to him, the rescue time from nearby Rumburk is sufficient. However, the author of the petition, Pavel Vodička, intends to turn to the deputies to change the law, according to which an ambulance would have to be set up in Varnsdorf.

„Currently, the Ústí nad Labem Region is not considering changing the location of rescue service crews in this area. The availability of pre-hospital emergency care, which is provided for the city of Varnsdorf by the ambulance service from the Rumburk site, meets all the prescribed standards, „said Lucie Dosedělová, spokeswoman od Region government.

Vodička has been fighting for the establishment of an ambulance station in Varnsdorf since 2003. At first, he tried it on his own, negotiating with the city, regional rescuers and the region’s leadership. This year, for the first time, he tried to push a petition, his request was supported by 801 people.

„Ambulances to the Varnsdorf area commute on average 12 km from Rumburk or 26 km from Velký Šenov. In some cases, the travel time does not make it possible to save human life or avert permanent consequences for the health of patients, „the petition states in the text.

The law stipulates that the ambulance’s travel time must be within 20 minutes. Crews from Rumburk provide trips to Varnsdorf from 91 percent, 95 percent of them are under 15 minutes, which is significantly below the time limit. The total numbers then show that of all stations, including Velký Šenov and Česká Kamenice, departures within the legal deadline are prosecuted in 98.6 percent of cases and only in 1.4 percent of cases the range is longer for some reason.

These numbers are the main argument of the regional rescue service, which considers the establishment of a station in Varnsdorf necessary. „Due to the size of the city of Varnsdorf, the ambulance service provides pre-hospital emergency care from the Rumburk catchment base with a considerable margin,“ says Martin Repko, head of transport and communications at the regional ambulance service, and Pavel Šebesta, chief operator of the medical operations center.

However, Vodička insists that she knows about cases where the travel time is even shorter. He mentions an accident when a cyclist crashed into a roundabout near the Lidl supermarket last autumn. The ambulance was in place in 17 minutes. „Although she managed to do so in that stupid limit, the man is a cripple today, because his brain has left in the meantime,“ Vodička emphasizes.

Vodička wants to change the law.
Therefore, the activist will not abate and focus his attention on the state authorities in order to achieve a change in the law so that the region in Varnsdorf would have to set up an ambulance station. „We will demand the submission of a bill that would condition the establishment of the station in Varnsdorf,“ says Vodička. It intends to launch a petition with a national dimension. „There are three other cities of the same size that do not have their own rescue station,“ he said.

His efforts are also supported by Varnsdorf City Hall, although it does so with some reserve. „We understand his twelve-year efforts to establish a rescue station in Varnsdorf, but like previous city leaders, we are faced with the question of financing the operation of such a service. Of course, the city would like to set up a rescue station, but it does not have the money to operate it, „said the deputy mayor Ladislav Hambálek.

Source: idnes.cz